Motivated Seller Lead Lists

Name, Address, Phone/Email

LMS provides up-to-date information on verified real estate leads in all 50 states.  You can choose your target area buy zip codes and personalize your leads by seller property type

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Lead Generation Systems

Your Lead Generation on Autopilot! 

Choose from 20 hr/wk or 40 hr/wk.  10k leads (Name,Address, phone/email), Trained Acquisition Agent, 3- Line Dialer.  800-100 Calls per day! Outgoing and incoming calls, appointment scheduling, personalized voicemail.

BONUS: We call your lead lists at no additional charge.

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Trained Virtual Assistants

Vested Interest Virtual Assistants!

Choose from 20 hr/wk or 40 hr/wk.  Just send us your lead lists. Includes 3-Line Dialer, 800-1k calls per day. Outgoing and incoming calls, appointment scheduling, personalized voicemail. 

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Take control of your lead generation!

"We have tried 4 Lead Generation companies in the past year and this                   is definitely the best (pricing and features)"                                                                                                                                                                              Sarah H.


I have been working with LMS since August of this year and even though it has been a relatively short period of time, the results have been exactly what we were looking for.  The quality  and consistency of the leads is excellent and their friendliness and professionalism is outstanding. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to advance their business.

Debbie L.

I have relied on Limitless Motivated Sellers now for almost a year and a half.  They help me get better flip properties and I began wholesaling off the other leads that didn't fit my exact criteria.  Their Lead Generation service has probably earned me an extra 170k+ over the past 17 months.  Not to mention the time I save which is where the real value is for me.

Michael G.

Limitless Motivated Sellers has exceeded our expectations with delivering the quality leads needed to fuel our business.  There are so many key tasks we have to excel at as small business owners and having them as an ally to consistently deliver high profit leads has been a true game changer for us. 

Ray W.